• Attention Portland!

    My book is brand new and I will be showing it at meetings April 7 and 8.

    Would love to see you!

  • hey all 121,000 of you, follow me on Instagram / @eliz. then maybe I can become one if those cool ~superusers~ !

  • unamericanphoto:

    From my American Photography rejection email:

    From 9,644 images submitted by 873 photographers, magazines, agencies, publishers and schools, the jury selected only 357 images by a majority vote or better to appear in the book. Another 266 were then chosen with at least two votes to appear in The Archive…

    That leaves 9021 images. A few of those must be good.


    My new blog. You spent the money on the entry fees, so at least make a few cents back on your investment with some screen time.

  • Started playing around with VSCO Grid (I still do my non-mobile photography processing from scratch, don’t worry. No presets for this lady) — sort of a wider edit repository of iPhone photos. Follow along if you please:

  • Oscar returns to the ocean

    While I was shooting Sophia Penske, 5.5 months inside, July 2013

    Visiting Venice, 3 months outside, February 2014

  • Aarne Bielefeldt, freestyle beard-grower

    Outtake for FT Weekend Magazine

  • Oscar in the afternoon

    Subconsciously inspired by this photo of Kate Bush as a child by her brother John Carder Bush, from “Cathy

  • Brothers Khodi and Reza Feiz at Reza’s studio, Phase Design, for Dwell’s February 2014 issue

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Digging through some archives

    Jesse Hlebo

    The Bronx

    May 2009

  • Rob Delaney for Runner’s World 

    last shoot I did while pregnant, 37 weeks

  • Never saw this tearsheet from my shoot with Yuna for Esquire Malaysia.

    Makeup by Anthony Merante @ Celestine Agency

  • I’ll be posting some images I took over the course of 2013 that hadn’t made it into the blog.

    July 2013 / Malibu